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The Girls Within

A True Story of Triumph Over Trauma and Abuse

By Gill Frost (2020, Phoenix Publishing House)

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AIT practitioners often ask how to use AIT with dissociated clients or with children. This is the first and only book to date that answers these questions, through a case study of a client with dissociative identity disorder (DID).


Psychotherapist and AIT therapist Gill Frost has put together a deeply moving and inspiring session-by-session account of the journey that she and her middle-aged client Vivian took for almost 7 years, together with Vivian’s dissociated inner girl personalities, 6-year-old Vivvi and 8-year-old Izzy. 


In spite of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in childhood, Vivian managed to function as a nurse, wife and mother of four children. Then later in adulthood her traumatised young ones started appearing as dissociated personalities.


You will find in this book how Gill skilfully and ingeniously integrated AIT, Internal Family Systems (IFS), artwork, letter writing as well as games to facilitate healing and communication between Vivian, The Girls within and other parts, with great attunement to all of them. 

The book is available in paperback and Kindle on the publisher's website


You can find more information about The Girls Within, on Gill’s website:

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