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AIT Trainings


In order to undertake AIT training, you need to have

  • Graduate-level qualifications in mental health professional training i.e. psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and counselling (BACP, UKCP, or BPC membership), Clinical or Counselling Psychology (HCPC registered), Psychiatry (Royal College of Psychiatrists registered) or Psychiatric Nursing (RMN). NCS members are accepted if all eligibility criterias are satisfied upon application to the AIT Basic training.

  • Active registration status with the registering body and appropriate professional indemnity insurance.

  • The qualification should include substantial clinical practice of one-to-one psychotherapy/counselling supervised by accredited supervisors of the therapeutic approach.

  • Substantial experience of receiving personal psychotherapy (at least one year of weekly therapy).

AIT seminars

AIT Basics seminar is a prequite to all other advanced seminars such as: the Mastering AIT Practice (MAP) seminar, the Presence and Dissociation seminar, the Attachment Seminar; the Depth (Jungian) Seminar; The PTSD Seminar; the Historical Trauma Seminar; the AIT Dream Works Seminar and many more. Further information on all of the AIT seminars can be found on the AITI website.

Each seminar normally takes place over 3 days offering AIT theory and practices, often leading not only to deep learning but also to self-healing and discovery.

Find out more information about upcoming training for which registration is open below. You can also find a full list of scheduled trainings and events here.


AIT Certification

The requirement for AIT certification includes completion of the AIT Basics seminar, post-Basic supervised practice, the Mastering AIT Practice (MAP) seminar, and post-MAP supervised practice. However you do not need to be certified to use AIT in your practice given that you are supervised by an accredited AIT supervisor and maintaining your professional registration and appropriate professional indemnity insurance to practice psychotherapy. After taking the Basics seminar, therapists are encouraged to practice AIT immediately.

Upcomig Trainings

Upcoming Trainings and Events Open for Registration

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