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Testimonials from Clients

“It is extremely gentle yet phenomenally powerful. I can’t get my head round how powerful it is, and the speed of it. The process gives instant access to your body, soul and energy. AIT is amazing. It’s transformed who I am; the real me has come to life!”

E.K. Warwickshire, UK

"AIT is a means of opening up the boxes inside. I thought I’d lose control if I opened them, but it was safe. By the end of all the sessions there were no more boxes; no trace of debris left behind. It has changed me, and my life."

A, Midlands, UK

" I worked with my AIT therapist over an 18 month period.  The work we did with AIT was surprisingly helpful—though at first I was sceptical—and I was impressed by how physical the experience of going to therapy felt.  Each time I left an AIT session and in the days following, I felt unburdened in a way that went beyond the emotional or mental. I would highly recommend AIT."

R.F. London 

“You’ll think AIT sounds weird and whacky, but give it a try. The process is subtle, and at first you may not be sure it’s doing anything. However, as energy becomes unblocked it can be emotional and freeing.

·       I’ve stopped jumping at every sudden movement and sound.

·       I like being comforted now, which is a major change.

·       I’ve stopped wanting lots of biscuits – two really is enough!

·       I’ve even started to like my body and being a woman.

I would like to recommend AIT without reservation.”

L, Midlands, UK

"I was reluctant to try AIT, having had various mainstream types of counselling and therapy over the years for childhood abuse. I found AIT to be gentler than other therapies and unbelievably effective. For 20 years I had medically uncontrolled migraines several times a week. I haven’t had a migraine since my third session five years ago. It has been truly transformative.”

F.T. Scotland

“I haven’t found AIT weird – I’m more inclined to complimentary therapies. It’s focused and makes sense, and it fits perfectly with talking therapy. It’s amazed me; I’ve been carting stuff around for so many years. I’ve been astounded by how much better I feel in such a short space of time. There’s been a complete turn around, a profound effect on every area of my life. I see and respond to things differently. The anxiety switch has been turned the other way.”

R.R. Midlands UK

Testimonials from Therapists

For over 25 years I was a psychodynamic therapist, who offered talking therapy to clients. Sometimes I found that this wasn’t enough, especially for clients with deep seated issues related to trauma and abuse. Then I trained in AIT, and for the past eight years I have often been amazed at the effectiveness of this energy psychotherapy. I have seen clients recover from chronic states of anxiety, fear, depression and hopelessness. I would recommend AIT to any professional practitioner who is looking for a treatment method that is powerful and can be life changing."

Gill Frost, Kenilworth, UK

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