Poll: Advanced Seminar by Asha Clinton
(10-12 September 2020, London)

Please refer to the following list in choosing what you would like Asha to teach. The Depths seminar and Presence and Dissociation seminar are foundational to AIT after Basics and MAP.

  1. The  Depths (protocols and other methods for working with inner objects, archetypes, introverts and alters.)

  2. Historical Trauma (provides individual and group protocols that gently release collective trauma from clients’ cultural history, ancestry, past lives and present life.)

  3. Anxiety (working with GAD & OCD using AIT protocols.)

  4. Character Structure (an integrative energetic approach to working with character structure treatment of those suffering from deep personality damage, as well as clients with one or more pathological character structures who are far less wounded.)

  5. Healing the Wounded Spirit (provides methodology and opportunity to remove spiritual injuries or blockages.) 

  6. Attachment (focuses on understanding and treating attachment difficulties from an energetic perspective.)

  7. Presence and Dissociation (working on the many ways that dissociation manifests in our work with clients and provides protocols to return to full presence. Includes AIT treatment for trauma-based sensitivities, boundary issues, family issues and emotional and physical dissociation.)

Please complete the questions below.

1. Are you planning to attend Asha's Depth seminar in September?
2. If 'No' above, please choose from the following all other seminars you would like to be taught by Asha instead in September 2020.


Email: info@ait-uk-europe.com

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