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Directory of AIT Therapists in Germany

The directory is currently being developed and more will be added shortly.

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Ilse Dewenter

Diplom Psychologin, Psychologische Psychotherapeutin (Psychotherapeutenkammer Berlin, Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Familie Berlin)

Phone:  +49 179 77 362 07     E-mail:

Practice location: AInT (Arbeitskreis Integrative/Interkulturelle Therapie) 14059 Berlin, Nehringstr. 12 Germany

After more than 30 years as a psychotherapist and a lot of valuable training courses I found in AIT an innovative clear methodology for the treatment of body, mind and psyche. AIT treats gently and effectively originating traumas, their consequences (current symptoms) and the connection between both on an emotional, cognitive and spiritual level and integrates different approaches.

AIT QualificationAIT Certified Practitioner, Teacher and Supervisor

Therapeutic modality: Cognitive Therapy, Systemic Couple- and Family Therapy (Martin Kirschenbaum), Integrative Learning Therapy, Psychological Trauma Therapy (including EMDR), Diploma in Spiritual Healing and Development (Dr. Brenda Davies); Advanced Energy Psychology (Fred Gallo), Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson Gesellschaft), Brain spotting; Havening; Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

Clinical areas and client groupChildren, Youngsters, Families, Couples, Adults, Supervision, Specialized in the treatment of Traumata (single incident & complex, developmental) and the aftermaths: e.g. DID, PTSD, Anxiety, Attachment Disorders and/or Psychosomatic Pain


AIT seminars takenBasics, MAP, Presence, Depth, Attachment, Multicausal Illness, Wounded Spirit, Historical Trauma, Dreamwork, Anxiety, PTSD, Character Structure, Trigger, Detoxification 

Languages: German/English

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